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The best seller in Denmark - SEO-LEX - now available in English. 154 pages and more than 1 hour of video training.

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  • This is the most readable book about SEO ever published in English. The contents provide you with the same information and skills as a two-day course.
  • SEO-LEX 11 is the solution you’ve been looking for to improve your presence in the search-engines. Before you even reach page 40, you will see measurable results on your website.

Everything is explained so well, you can understand it with no technical background. And SEO-LEX is more than just a book! It is an education and a glossary - it is a course and even more.


What Is SEO-LEX?

SEO Specialist Thomas Rosenstand originally published SEO-LEX as SEO-LEX 10 in March 2009 in Denmark. The current version - SEO-LEX 11 - was published in April 2010 - also in Danish. SEO-LEX is pronounced THE BEST SEO BOOK ever by several Danish SEO experts. This is SEO training at it's best! 

SEO-LEX is video training in English in HD quality and more than 150 pages of e-book bursting with knowledge and explained for the everyday Webmaster. This is NOT software or a miracle cure. This is 100% craftsmanship, totally understandable and very, very efficient.


The Danish best seller SEO-LEX now available in English. Rated the best SEO book ever written.
Manufactured by: Thomas Rosenstand
6 based on 189 reviews
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The Readers Said:

"This is NOT just an ebook! This is an education and it is AWESOME!" John Fitzpatrick, webmaster

“This book is brilliant, filled with valuable knowledge, but written in a language even I can understand! SEO-LEX can make you the expert!”
Martin Thorborg, SPAMfighter

"It is no-nonsense, easy-to understand SEO at a high level." Mette Will, course manager at IBC Kolding

"Go for it! - Get my warmest recommendations!" Claus Heinrich, webmaster and online specialist

“SEO-LEX is very comprehensive and covers many different aspects, but the book is written in a language that anyone can understand, and explains things in a pedagogical way that makes it VERY useful if you want to learn something about search engine optimization. SEO-LEX is a MUST HAVE!”
Michael Oxkjaer, Altero Design

“I have to admit that SEO-LEX also had a great influence on how I built our new Last Touch web shop, which we programmed from scratch. Particularly the section about duplicate content was a real eye-opener.  Your recommendation to use videos and host them on YouTube is fantastic. For example, I created 8-10 small videos for the shop, where our art-work-rental system is explained, and we’ve gotten enormous feedback on that! So thumbs up from us!” , Mogen Møller, Lasttouch

“You can go far by reading diverse SEO-blogs, but if you want to get going fast, without stumbling on some of the terrible tips you also find there, buy SEO-LEX, and shove off over the ice. The book is worth every penny!"
Morten Vadskær, e-shop owner